Case Study

Rapid Breach Containment: A Showcase of Compuquip's Advanced SOC Cyber Security Expertise


Project Background

In today's dynamic digital landscape, cyber threats continually evolve, becoming increasingly sophisticated. The agility and precision of a cybersecurity response can spell the difference between a brief hiccup and a significant debacle. For many enterprises, spotting and addressing these threats necessitate a synergized, expert, and prompt action.


On June 27th, Compuquip's Security Operations Center (SOC) detected an unusual activity alert at 2pm. A domain administrator, not known for such activities, was enabling Remote Desktop access to a server. This raised immediate red flags as the action diverged from the customer's usual patterns.

Night time Cyber Hacker

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Methodology & Immediate Actions:

Incident Bridge Initiation: By 4pm, an incident bridge was opened to intensively monitor, analyze, deploy forensic tools, and counteract the threat.

In-depth Investigation: A legitimate vendor account was identified as the entry point. The attacker exhibited high sophistication—rapidly targeting specific vulnerabilities, escalating privileges, and crafting custom malware designed to evade Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) systems. Additionally, they established a Command and Control (C2) system over encrypted SSL traffic to hide its signatures, indicating a well-coordinated and potentially large-scale attack. This C2 infrastructure has been laying dormant (redirected to Google) for over a year until the attackers felt they had the right target to use it on. This infrastructure consisted of 2 servers with clean IPs hosted on a cloud provider not known to host C2 infrastructure before.

Cybersecurity Team SOC

Diving Deeper:

It's crucial to note that actions seen on the 26th were overlooked due to customer misconfigurations. Specifically, nmap scans that could've provided earlier alerts went unnoticed. This lapse in detection capabilities provided Compuquip with a valuable lesson to guide the customer with a learning opportunity, reinforcing the belief that the journey of cybersecurity isn't just about the immediate response but the continuous evolution of defense mechanisms. Compuquip spent many hours several days after the incident with the customer and respective teams to help harden the environment and suggest best practices to help mitigate future attacks.



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icon-clock-coins_blueSpeedy Containment: The breach was fully contained within 36 hours of its inception, and impressively, just 24 hours from the initial alert.

icon-eye-in-square_blueThorough Analysis: Twelve servers were meticulously investigated to ensure no residues of the breach remained and to reinforce security measures against future threats. Over all, the team collected and analyzed over 250 GB of forensic data.

icon-training_blueTeam Effort: The rapid response and containment was a result of relentless teamwork. Over six dedicated Team  members worked round-the-clock to secure the client's digital infrastructure.

Business Team Cybersecurity

Conclusion & Recommendations

The Results of Compuquip’s Cybersecurity Solutions

This incident underscores the importance of having a proactive, skilled, and responsive cybersecurity partner. Compuquip's co-managed SOC Reactive Cybersecurity Services displayed the ability to swiftly detect, analyze, and contain a sophisticated cyber breach. Organizations, regardless of their size and domain, should:

Invest in Proactive Cybersecurity Monitoring: Early detection is vital. Regularly monitoring and analyzing network activities can preempt many potential threats.

Co-manage with Expert Partners: Teaming up with seasoned cybersecurity experts can bolster an organization's security measures and response time.

Regularly Review and Update Security Protocols: Threat landscapes evolve. Regular reviews of security protocols and updates can thwart many sophisticated attacks.

In an era where cyber threats are ceaselessly advancing, Compuquip Cybersecurity exemplifies the tenacity, expertise, and speed necessary to safeguard digital infrastructures.

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