Case Study

Leveraging Automation to Increase the Efficiency & Improve the Security of a Global SaaS Business


When a global SaaS enterprise was becoming swamped with daily, administrative minutia cluttering up their schedules, they realized it was time to make a change. As a global software provider with dozens of company sites used around the world, their IT team doesn’t need to be bogged down with daily mundanities when they have more pressing projects to work on.

That’s where Compuquip came into play. By leveraging Compuquip’s solutions, the software provider was able to automate routine tasks that shouldn’t require manual action in order for companies to streamline their operations.

This case study will explain the automation techniques used by Compuquip Cybersecurity to increase the efficiency of repetitive tasks and the reduction of human errors.

Project Background:

The Cybersecurity Challenges Our Client Experienced

The client was a large enterprise SaaS company with only a small IT team to manage several hundred cybersecurity gateways; with such a massive number of requests coming in every day, their deadlines were being poorly affected and impacting developers’ timelines. Such mundane tasks were completely overwhelming their operations, and getting in the way of  more important concerns and tasks. This global enterprise asked Compuquip to manage these tasks for the developers, and also implement an automatic requests system so the IT team wouldn’t have to worry about individually managing this routine workload and reduce turnaround time in the realm of network security.


Compuquip’s Solution for Our Client’s Cybersecurity Challenges

Compuquip delivered top-quality customer service while implementing the automation of repetitive tasks, like managing cybersecurity gateway permissions. This process of automating such a large company’s routine tasks also reduced typos and general human error from the action, while also leaving a comprehensive documentation trail and reducing how much time audits take. These solutions were primarily deployed on-premise, but can be a cloud-based managed solution as well for other situations.

About Tufin

Established in 2005, Tufin is a security policy management company that specializes in the automation of security policy changes across platforms while improving security and compliance. This cybersecurity company enables organizations to automate their security policy visibility, risk management, provisioning and compliance across their multi-vendor, hybrid environment. Enterprises who utilize Tufin’s products gain visibility and control across their network, which ensures continuous compliance with security standards and embeds security enforcement into workflows and development pipelines. It’s a comprehensive approach to cybersecurity for your organization.

Compuquip employed Tufin’s Secure Track, Secure Change, and ServiceNow Workflow Integrator tools to accomplish this client’s goals of automation. These products enable the enterprise to gain visibility into their systems, manage their cybersecurity access points, and more!


The Top Benefits of Automation for Organization

The importance of utilizing automation where appropriate in your organization cannot be understated; a 2017 study found that repetitive tasks cost $5 trillion and 69 days of productivity annually. Employing automation results in the reduction of time required for security changes and a decreased number of full time or contract employees needed to perform such automated tasks like digital validation. Streamlining your operations via cybersecurity automation also reduces the chances of human errors and technological downtime. 

Automation further makes it easier to request changes for digital clean-up, as well as for access, which makes it better than having various roles for access providers. Overall, automation saves your company time, money, and reduces your cybersecurity risk. 



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Benefits of Automation For This Enterprise Included

  • Gaining visibility of their security landscape to proactively analyze risks
  • Helping minimize their potential cyberattack surface
  • Ensuring changes adhere to corporate security mandates
  • Centralizing security policy management across multiple venders and environments
  • Reducing the time and effort they spend on network access changes and firewall management tasks
  • Allowing them to devote resources to more strategic projects and urgent security concerns
  • Establishing and troubleshooting business connectivity and continuity 
  • Generating an automated audit trail suited to a variety of customizable audit reports that comply with regulatory standards such as PCI-DSS, SOX, NERC-CIP, HIPAA, GDPR, and more

The Results of Compuquip’s Cybersecurity Solutions

Due to Compuquip’s extensive experience as a leader in the cybersecurity world, we were able to offload a large percentage of this global enterprise’s weekly workload to an automated system, which allows them to focus on other priorities, risks, and tasks. Automating a significant portion of routine cybersecurity steps resulted in the enterprise saving time, money, and headaches within multiple business units. Implementing Tufin’s software technology with Compuquip’s industry experience means the global enterprise client received the absolute best cybersecurity solutions possible!

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